Warranty — Pioneer Update
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Warranty and Complaints

I guarantee on products purchased?
What is the guarantee?
If I do not qualify for warranty?
Who can I ask about the warranty?
What should I do if my product is broken arrived or if it breaks?
Do you have a complaint?
My question is not listed, what should I do?

1. Do I have guarantee on products purchased?

Pioneeravic.com only wants to sell the best quality products. We guarantee you. If unfortunately anyway be something wrong with your product, we want to resolve this as promptly as possible. All items you buy, you obviously warranty with us. If you receive an item that is not in perfect condition or finds going we provide broken after some time you like as soon as possible the most appropriate solution. The warranty on products Pioneeravic.com 24 months with demonstrable assembly by using a professional and indoors.

2. What is the guarantee?

The warranty applies to products arrive damaged with you and for products which, after some time, defects – provided in normal use. All products have a 24-month warranty on defects and flaws. The offered guarantees do not affect the legal rights concerning warranty and conformity where you can rely on you as a consumer. If you are claiming the warranty Pioneeravic.com will meet by substitution, exchange for another product, repair or refund (sometimes after prior verification of the product).

3. If I do not qualify for warranty?

There can be no claim under the warranty:

when damaged by intent
by negligence
if misused
negligent maintenance
normal wear and tear
to damage it, or not correctly, observe the instructions (if applicable)
4. Who can I ask about the warranty?

If you have any questions regarding the warranty, you can contact the customer service sfeeervoorjou.nl Pioneeravic.com.

5. What should I do if my product is broken arrived or if it breaks?

When an item is defective upon receipt, we kindly request you as soon as possible after receipt, preferably within 14 days, contact our customer service via email info@Pioneeravic.com.

6. Do you have a complaint?

In case of problems, contact Customer Pioneeravic.com. This can e-mail or regular mail. Our customer contact employees of the department will review the complaint and attempt to everyone’s satisfaction to resolve the complaint. Is your complaint after contacting our customer persists? Then you can start a formal complaint by submitting your complaint in writing or by e-mail at Pioneeravic.com.

Send your complaint, stating your name, address, email address, customer number or order number to:


After receiving your complaint, you will receive a confirmation. We will respond to your complaint within 14 days of receipt, may need more time, we will make you aware.

7. My question is not listed, what should I do?

Is your question about warranty and complaints not here? Please contact us then we will provide a rapid response via info@Pioneeravic.com.